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Autumn Road

Updated: May 4, 2019

Ever wonder where you could find a neighborhood where each lot has at least two acres? Where you'd find the peace and quiet of the countryside, while having all the conveniences of a city? Where your neighbors would be so awesome that they'd deliver homemade soup on your stoop on Monday and host book club on Thursday? Well the answer's easy: Autumn Road.

​Autumn Road is a beautiful neighborhood in the west end of Wrentham. This section of town was primarily farming country, until Col. Rhodes Sheldon showed up from Cumberland and started building boats. As craftsmen started to settle around the boat shop and the area started to grow, it soon became known as Sheldonville. The area is unique and that's exactly what attracted Alyson and her husband, Eric, to Wrentham back in 2011. 

Alyson and Eric started their home search in Franklin where they were already living at the time. With the arrival of their second child, they were ready to find a new home for their family. Alyson wanted the neighborhood feel and a pool, while Eric was more focused on finding a home that came with a good amount of land. At that time though, the Franklin housing market wasn't offering what they were looking for. Right before they settled for a small lot to build on, their Realtor recommended that they go see a house in Wrentham that had just been put on the market, and that met all of their requirements. The house was on Autumn Road. ​

Alyson wasn't convinced at first. Sure, the house was in a beautiful neighborhood and had a gorgeous pool, but she felt like the house, built in 1989, was just too outdated. Eric, on the other hand, loved it. He could see the potential that the house had and that, with some renovations, they could turn it into their dream home. Long story short, they bought the house and couldn't be happier.

When time came to start the renovations, Alyson and Eric turned to Jim Dubois from inVision Contracting, Inc, which is based in Cumberland, RI. As you will see, Jim and his team did a spectacular job. Walls were literally knocked down for this project, and it only took five weeks to complete! Alyson can't recommend Jim's work enough and plans to call on him again, when she renovates her second and third floors. Jim is actually now working on a project at Alyson's neighbor's home.

While inVision Contracting, Inc was building the new kitchen space, Alyson was working closely with Diane, the owner of Diane Crowley Designs. Diane's expertise was essential in helping Alyson turn her vision into reality. Diane understood what Alyson was looking to accomplish and always kept her on track. For example, Diane recommended that Alyson not settle for any kind of granite until they found the one that she really loved. Also, when Alyson started having doubts on whether or not the chandelier above the dinning area was going to work with the room, Diane knew how much Alyson loved it and encouraged her to pick the furniture based on the chandelier, not the other way around. Great advice, if you ask me, because that chandelier looks stunning in that kitchen!

Great entertaining area that includes a beverage cooler and an easy access to the back deck and pool.

For the family room, Alyson went for a more sophisticated rustic look. Again, Diane was extremely helpful in picking each piece. ​

When Alyson and Eric moved into the house, the fireplace's black granite went from the floor all the way up to the ceiling. It was a little too intense for them, so they cut down the granite and added the white mantel. ​

When I went to Alyson's house this week to take these pictures, the pool had already been closed for the season by Pool Pals (who Alyson and Eric highly recommend). I really wanted to include a picture of it, so did a little research online to see if a picture had previously been posted. Indeed there had. As you can see above, the pool is fantastic! What's even better about the outdoor space is that there's no need for a huge privacy fence. The size of the lot, as well as the maturity of the surrounding trees, help keep the area completely private.

While I was doing my pool picture research, I ended up finding a bunch of pictures of the home when it was previously listed for sale and none of the renovations had taken place yet. Enjoy!

Before 1

After 1

Before 2

After 2

Before 3

After 3

Before 4