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Labor of Love

Updated: May 5, 2019

When I first drove up to Leah's address, I had to pause for a second and process the fact that her house was a real life replica of what I had always imagined as my perfect home. I'm not kidding. From the location, lot, and architecture, to her front door, every detail was spot on. As I walked in half nervous, half giddy, I was pleasantly surprised to see that it wasn't just a facade: the interior is absolutely beautiful!

Leah and her husband, Matt, bought the home ten years ago when they were newly engaged. The house was originally a small gambrel in need of a new roof, clapboards, and updates. However, the soon-to-be-married couple realized the potential of the home's beautiful Wrentham location, and easy commute to all the nearby Franklin town amenities.

Matt runs his own seasonal business. He's really busy throughout the warmer seasons, but is more available during the colder months. Thanks to his winter schedule, his many talented friends, and the fact that he and Leah's father are very skilled, they were able to complete a lot of the home renovations themselves.

Before starting the renovations, Leah and Matt worked closely with Spurling Thomas Period Design to come up with their dream design and make sure that the new plans were engineered properly around the original gambrel house.

You can see on the picture above where they added on the new living room to the original structure. A pilar was strategically placed where the house used to end.

What really blows my mind is that Leah came up with most of the designs for this stunning home herself. Ten years ago, Leah wasn't finding all of her inspiration online. Pinterest boards didn't even exist yet! As crazy as it seems today, Leah would skim through magazines during her lunch breaks at work and neatly keep all her clippings in a binder. 

When time came to update the kitchen, Leah teamed up with Custom Kitchens, of Franklin, MA. The craftsmanship that they provided truly is outstanding.

Leah is the creator of Clean Eating, Healthy Living, and she definitely practices what she preaches. Her kitchen is filled with good foods and she certainly lives in a healthy environment. Just standing in her kitchen made me want to eat better and drink a juice.

I LOVE the mudroom! It's such a cute, bright room, and a great addition to the house. What I like most about this room is that Leah bought most of the furniture from IKEA! Yes, they bought the inexpensive cabinets and simply added a couple of personal touches, such as new hardware.

I almost didn't include this picture because the quality is so poor, but I didn't want to miss out on showing the area in the mudroom that has the pellet stove. How adorable is it?!

As I was packing up my camera this morning and about to leave Leah's home, she quickly pulled out a picture of the original gambrel house she and Matt bought ten years ago. What a difference! It was incredible to see how much work was put into the house and that it had truly been a labor of love.