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Main Street

When Lissa departed on her latest cross-country road trip with her friend and cat along for the ride, it wasn't just the beginning of a fun adventure: it was the start of a new life. Lissa had just sold her colorful West Coast house and bought a New England colonial. Finding the right house hadn't been easy because Lissa was living thousands of miles away from her final destination. Many hours had been spent online looking at every new listing in the Greater Boston area. She wasn't necessarily looking for an updated home, since she was already planning to make her own cosmetic changes. What mattered most to Lissa was finding the right sized house with a good layout and bright rooms. It wasn't until she flew out to the East Coast for the weekend that she found the perfect place. Accompanied by her daughter-in-law, Lissa scheduled as many open houses as possible during her short visit so she could finally pick one before returning home. The plan worked perfectly. A house was found, an offer was accepted, and, coincidentally, Lissa's new home was only a mile away from where her son lived with his growing family.

​Lissa gave herself time to live in the house for a few years before making major renovations. She wanted to make sure she properly figured out which aspects of the house worked well with her daily routine and which ones didn't. During that time, she researched local contractors and found Modern Yankee Builders on Lissa was already impressed by the building process outlined on their website, but what really convinced her to work with them was how they took her ideas into account and understood her vision. 

Lissa wanted to add a fresh, bright color palette to the home and give it a French Country feel. Having collected antique pieces throughout the years, her plan was to mix the modern with the old. Lissa found the perfect faucet in an antique brass on eBay and spray painted her cabinet knobs to match. Together with the Carrara marble counters, white Shaker cabinets, and Milk Glass pendants, every detail compliments each other beautifully.

One of the first rooms that Lissa decorated when she moved in was the guest room. She was planning to hang wallpaper throughout the room but changed her mind once she realized how expensive it was going to be. That's when she got the idea of buying a stencil from Etsy. While Lissa admits that the whole process was grueling, the stunning outcome was well worth the hard work.